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Gift for the Groom

My fiance and I are exchanging gifts before the wedding and I dont know what to get him.

Any ideas?

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    Long lasting gifts are classic. Cuff links, a watch, or something along those lines. What is your budget?
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    I did a boudoir session.  I ordered an album so my FH will get a lovely leather bound album of me that he can look at 50 years from now and remember what I used to look like, lol
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    My DH is a computer guy...graphic designer and gamer-type, so I got him cufflinks off of Etsy (seller HauteKeys) made from vintage typewriter keys. They were perfect and he loved them! Also, because I didn't want to drop a couple hundred bucks on a boudoir photo session, I had a good friend take some fashion shots (fully clothed!) and I boxed them up in a cool box from The Container Store. We had a lot of fun with them -- outdoor shots in the park, downtown, with balloons, etc.
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    The gifts for each other is kind of a tradition, right? All my friends have gotten their gift while they're getting ready, presented to them by the best man or someone from the groom's family. I mentioned the gift exchange to my fiance and he was like, "Ummmm, you're getting a wedding, we have to exchange gifts, too?" But I think a personal gift is a nice gesture. I don't want to brow beat him like, "Get me a gift!!" But you know how you'll feel if you're getting ready and all your bridemaids and friends are like, "So, what kind of gift did you get each other?" Ummmm, nothing, we suck. :(

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    ha ha ha!! I TOTALLY know what you mean ralexander!! We are paying for the wedding mostly ourselves so I'm pretty sure that's going to be our gift to each other....and I'm fine with that! I've heard of brides and grooms getting each other cards, writing a cute note  and having the best man and maid of honor deliever it to the other person. I think that's really cute and meaningful, especially if you're not going to see each other before!

    BUT Lynski, i would just get him something that reminds him of why you love him and can't wait to marry him. I really like the idea of a watch of a cufflink!

    Good luck :)
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    How are you planning to exchange gifts?

    My fiance and I aren't planning to see each other before the ceremony, but we definitely want to exchange gifts. I've heard the I should give it to the best man, but I doubt I'll see him pre-ceremony on the big day....
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    I'm thinking about a waterproof digital camera for my fiance.  We're honeymooning in Hawaii, and I know that he'll get a lot of use out of it.  I think it's hilarious that my fiance had the same reaction as a lot of others out there ("what do you mean I have to get you a present?!").  I also thought about a boudoir session, but I don't know how comfortable I am about taking my clothes off and being photographed...maybe I'll give him an IOU one on on e photo session, clothing optional, heh. 

    Some other thoughts on gifts:  sports tickets to his favorite team, a vintage copy of a book by his favorite author, a puppy (jk), a box of cigars for him to share with the guys.  I also toyed around with the idea of planting a tree together in our backyard to symbolize the two of us planting our roots together as a family.  It's something that we can foster and watch grow as we grow together (poetic, huh?  Too bad we're getting married in January when the ground is frozen).

    Good luck!
    image "Always love. Don't wail til the finish line."-Nada Surf
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    I found the CUTEST book called "Why I Love You" from a kitchy shop near where I live.  It's one that you fill out with memories and sketches, it's adorable. 

    I'm also doing boudoir photos.  Some super classic, and some 50s pin up style.  Since I, too, am not necessarily comfortable with random strangers taking my picture that way, we're setting the basement studio so I can do it from the comfort of my house with my roommate (it's what she does, so I know they will be great).  She and I are super comfortable together, so I'm sure it will be super fun!
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    i think a nice watch, a camera, a new cellphone handset, cufflinks... depends on your budget...
    or even something sweet like a digital photo keychain with some of your favorite photos loaded on it :)
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    My FI and I are already spending more money than we probably should on our wedding, so we are doing something a little more personal and affordable. We are both making each other a CD with songs that remind us of the other person or have a personal meaning for us, we are giving them to my bridesman (my best friend and a good friend of his) who will do the switch for us, then we are going to listen to the CDs while we are getting ready! Something inexpensive and personal I think is better than some BS jewelry or something that you are getting just to get ya know? Good Luck!
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    I'm getting a boudoir session done for my groom. None will be full-frontal nudity, but it will be lingerie attire. I'm SO excited. I'm almost more excited to give him this gift than I am to open all of the gifts from our guests hahaha. I'm having such a hard time keeping it a secret!!

    I'm not going to give it to him before the wedding, but sometime afterwards. I am writing him a nice note to read the morning of...I hope he plans on writing me a nice note as well :)
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    These are all good suggestions!  I'm thinking about an excursion for our honeymoon.  We're planning on a cruise through the Caribbean, so I thought it would be nice when we docked if I got him a zip-line, scuba diving, or water scooter excursion.
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