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Multiple Garters

I just wanted to get this out because 1) I think it's hilarious and 2) for those looking for something just a bit different to do you can think up something kind of like this....

At my wedding we had fun up-beat songs to dance along to while doing the garter toss. My husband did Ke$ha's Blah Blah Blah song.... hahahaha yes... I know. It only gets better watching him lip sing it and dance to it.

But, I did Lady Marmalade while I did HIS garter toss. I acted as though I was going to toss my bouquet.... But I didn't. I tossed the garter I put on HIM!!!
hahaha Seeing the faces on the girls around ready to catch the bouquet was PRICELESS!!! We had video and all we could hear was constant screaming and cheering.

Anyway just think up something fun to do (or unique) and then you won't have to worry about the "tacky or tradition" argument of the garter toss as much. :D

Have fun ladies!!! The best part of the wedding is the years afterwards

Re: Multiple Garters

  • H & I did a combined bouquet/garter toss. We had the girls & guys come up at same time, and had them positioned where we needed them at upper corners of dance floor. I am a big baseball fan, so we worked ours out to Take Me Out to the Ballgame. We had everyone else in the hall sing while FI and I did our thing (I had the garter just above my knee as H& I did not want an ewwww removal), then we each tossed our item on the "3" of "for it's 1! 2! 3! Strikes you're out..."  It was a lot of fun and I think helped keep some of the single ladies and gentlemen from feeling like everyone was ogling them.
  • Oooh that sounds like a lot of fun!!! I wish I could've seen it. My husband is in love with baseball so I am getting more in to it as well since we watch it so often. I love this clever idea!! :D
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