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How to incorporate step-parents in wedding

Alright, I am extremely close with my father and will not take away his moment of giving me away at my wedding, but my step-father will also be helping with paying for the wedding. Now im not nearly as close with my step-father as I am my father but I feel the need to have my step-dad be a part of the wedding since he is helping pay for it.  How can I do this without it seeming like a slap in the face to my father?
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Re: How to incorporate step-parents in wedding

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    Include him on the invitation with your mother as a "parent" inviting people to your wedding.  That way it looks like he is also inviting people to come to your wedding.
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    I agree with the previous post. Also you can have him be part of the ceremony where the officiant asks who is giving you away.
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    I am close with my father and step father. My father is walking my down the isle because I am his only daughter. When I get to the alter. Both my step father and father will give me away. My biological father deserves that moment where he walks me down.....sound good? lol
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    I have the same dilemma but so far I am only printing his name on the invitation. I'm not close enough to my step-father to have him walk me down the aisle, but I know that printing his name on the invitation will be greatly appreciated by him. The Knot has some great suggestions on how to print your invitations to include step-parents.
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    For our wedding...the biological dad will be walking me down the aisle.  We asked the step-dad to do the reading during the ceremony and he was excited that we asked.  So, that might be another idea, depending on how your ceremony is planned.
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