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When to do the receiving line?

I'm trying to decide when we should do the receiving line.  It will either be at the church after the ceremony, the groom and i will go to each aisle and escort people out.  Or we will do it at the reception, when everyone is getting cake they will form a line and talk to us and possibly our parents. I like the idea of doing it at the church but I'm concerned about time.  Our wedding starts at 5:00.  The ceremony will take approx. 15 min.  We are inviting around 400, so that will take a long time!  It takes 30 min. to get to the reception.  The meal is suppose to start at 6:30, but the cater is flexible.  We are taking pictures before.  What is every one else doing?  The receiving line is very important in our area!

Re: When to do the receiving line?

  • You can do it at either. Our church would not let us do a receiving line, so at our reception I bought an arch where we, the parents and the rest of the WP walked through. We were introduced by the DJ and our guests were there lined up to receive us.

    With the amount of people you are having, you may want to do it at the reception and think about something like what I did. You will probably still want to take some pics after the ceremony, but I do think you will also have time before the dinner starts to go around and personally talk to and greet some of your guests. You can do the same thing after dinner and before all of the festivities (if you are doing them).
  • Are you doing a buffet?  You could always stand at the front of the buffet line; people can greet you, get their plates, then get their food.  Two birds with one stone.
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  • Probably not doing one.  Our chapel discourages it due to time constraints, another wedding may take place after ours.  By the time we join everyone at the venue it would be akward to get them to all line up.  We will probably do the mingle and meet everyone thing. 
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  • We skipped the receiving line and mingled at cocktail hour and did table visits at the reception.
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    We're either going to do it immediatly after the ceremony or visit tables at the reception.
    I'd like to do it right after the ceremony (on the beach) becuase our cocktail hour is up on a deck under a gazebo.  So I'm thinking of standing at the steps up to the gazebo so we're able to greet everyone and it it out of the way early.
    Still not 100% sure yet though.
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