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The Farmer cuts the cake?

So I was born in raised in Virginia but am extremely well traveled and would never label myself a southerner. My fiance and his family are from New york and at a recent cousin's wedding in ithaca was surprised when the crowd started singing "the bride cuts the cake" (sung to the tune of the Farmer in the dell) during the cake cutting. I've never heard that before and when I was talking to my fiance about music for our cutting, he said they would be doing a repeat performance. This is so odd to me and to be frank, pretty hokie. Is there a way to get out of this one?

Re: The Farmer cuts the cake?

  • Sadly I don't think there's any way to get out of it.  You can't stop an entire crowd from singing.

    Maybe have the DJ play a cake cutting song really loud...
  • I would agree with having the DJ play a really loud song-perhaps not even announcing the cake will be cut until you actually start cutting. That's the only way I can think of-crowds will usually do what they want. Maybe you should just express to your FI and the family that it really isn't necessary.
  • Ditto getting the DJ to play something really loudly during the cake cutting. Like they said, you can't stop a crowd from singing, but hopefully blasting it will either drown them out or discourage them from starting.

    FWIW, I've also never heard of this ... and also think it's dumb (Then again, I think the only time there should be singing and cake at the same time is at a birthday party).

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  • That's pretty bad.  
  • I say go with it. who cares if it's hokey? I think it'd be funny and someone said it--you can't control a crowd very well.

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  • I second the go with it idea. Who really cares if its hokie. It's something that your FI's family does and you are becoming part of the family so why not. It's not like they are doing it while they are walking down the aisle. I never rember a couple cutting the cake and that would definatley make it memorable.
  • i think if you have the DJ play loud music over it that will make it even worse than them just singing because you probably wont be able to drown them out. I would say if it really bothers you that much talk to your FI and his family about or just go with it. Personally I would just go with it, yeah its cheesy and kinda of wierd, but at least it will be memorable!
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