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Anyone doing an anniversary dance?

Is anyone doing an anniversary dance, and if so, to what song?

Just looking for ideas.  We are thinking of doing one (and our florist is making a special arrangement for us to give to the couple who have been together the longest as a gift).

Re: Anyone doing an anniversary dance?

  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    Not doing it.
  • We're skipping it - there are so many divorces/deceased spouses in the family, we figured it would be way too awkward.  That said, if you already know who the longest-married couple is (say, your grandparents or something) it could be cute to use the longest-married couple's wedding song for the dance.
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  • We did - but we asked the DJ to specify all couples (not just the marrieds) and to count how many years you'd been together.  We didn't ask for a specific song so our DJ used Shania Twain's "You're Still the One."  It came down to my paternal grandparents and DH's parents in the end, and my grandparents took the bouquet.   They've been together almost 60 years!

  • A friend of mine did hers to Grow Old with Me by Mary Chapin Capenter
  • We're probably not going to do it due to time constraints - but if we were to do so, I really liked the idea of "Grow Old With You".
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  • We didn't have one, either.
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  • We did that instead of the bouquet/garter toss.  We used Kenny Rogers' "Through the Years" (my mom's request.  Plus, she knew her parents were going to "win").

    The only down side was my husband's grandmoher, long widowed, decided THAT would be a good time to dance with her grandson (husband's best man).  Yeah, they she kept dancing until the end.  Yeah, it looked awkward.  Yeah, I was rather annoyed because it was purposeful.  But our DJ eventually "got it" and awarded the bouquet to my grands.
  • I've never heard of this. That's a really nice idea.
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  • We're doing one but instead of one song we'll be doing a mashup of several songs.  It'll start with something modern (probably Train's "Marry me") and based on the ages of the older couples who'll probably be there, end with something from the 40's.  Check with your DJ about doing this.  I like the idea of going back in time musically as we go back to when they were married.
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  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    We did one and my dad's cousin was so happy when she was presented with the bouquet!  She was very surprised!  We used Michael Buble's version of That's All. 

    If your not familiar with this song, its actually in the movie Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler.  Its the song he sings during the bar mitzvah where the kids dances with Drew Barrymore and he grabs her butt.  It's a really cute song!
  • We are doing it instead of the garter/bouquet toss too.  More married folks then single at the wedding since we are over 40.  We too are doing Kenny Rogers Thru the Years because it seems like the perfect song and a fave of my fiance and I.  I think it is a great option instead of the tosses.  You always seem to end up with some too young or relatives and then it is just too tacky!
  • We're considering this, but again with the divorced/widowed people, we don't want it to turn into an uncomfortable time for anyone. If we decide to do it, we'll use Michael Buble's "Hold On"
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  • I think we're going to try to do this, I've always liked seeing the couples that have been married for 40+ years, I think it's sweet.  My pick for a song is Clint Black's "Something That we Do".
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  • SB1512SB1512 member
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    We are not doing a first dance, so we are going to do an anniversary dance right after we are announced instead.
  • Yes, we are also doing it instead of a bouquet/garter toss.  We are using Alan Jackson's 'Remember When".
  • We are doing it too. We are having it be all couples in general, not just those who are married. The song will be Remember When by Alan Jackson. It's such a cute song and so fitting for this dance.
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