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Bouquet toss but not a garter toss?

Hi guys,
I'm getting married this October and planned on tossing the bouquet during the reception because I think it's a fun tradition and I've always tried to catch the bouquet at other weddings.  However, I DO NOT want to do the garter toss.  I would be so uncomfortable having my fiance up my dress in front of everyone.  I just think the whole thing is sort of barbaric.  My fiance thinks it's silly to do one and not the other.  He's not fighting me on it/making me do it, he understands why I don't want to - he just thinks it's strange.

So, what do you all think?  Is it silly to do one but not the other?  Have you been to weddings where they have only tossed the bouquet?  Opinions?
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Re: Bouquet toss but not a garter toss?

  • I'm only tossing my bouquet. The garter tradition is creepy IMO.
    June 16, 2012
  • The breakdown of weddings I've been to have been something like 25% do both tosses, 25% do just a bouquet toss with no garter, and 50% do neither toss.  (And the 25% who did just the bouquet were people who, like you, liked the bouquet toss tradition but thought the garter toss is gross and barbaric.  Which, frankly, it is.)  I don't think it's strange at all, actually, I think it's pretty common, and nice for me as a guest because while I don't mind watching bouquet tosses, I usually have to leave the room for garter tosses because they gross me out so much.
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    You could always toss a spare the garter, that way H wont go up your dress in public. I also think that's just weird to do in front of a group of people.
    I wont be doing either.
  • I've often only seen the bouquet toss and not the garter toss.  Your FI could toss his boutonniere if he wants to throw something.  I suppose a garter toss could be done in a less horrifying way (sedate music, garter around the calf, no DJ trying to get the woman who caught the bouquet to allow the guy who caught the garter to put the garter on her), if that's what you want.   
  • I think you could either skip the garter toss altogether or like PP said have your H take it out of his pocket.  Personally, we didn't do either, and no one noticed/cared.
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  • We're doing bouquet toss and something to toss to the guys, but we're not sure what yet.  We're no way no how having him up my dress in public, and underwear flying across the room (even archaic underwear) in public isn't acceptable in any other scenario so why should it be at weddings?

    He'll be tossing either his butonniere, tie, or fly-plaid (he's wearing a kilt, it's the bit that gets pinned to one shoulder)
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