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Wedding Band on right hand???

I heard that some brides were wearing their wedding bands on their right hand due to either not liking or not being able to find a wedding band that goes well with their e-ring.... what are your thoughts on this??

Re: Wedding Band on right hand???

  • I've seen this a lot and think that it is just fine. I don't like fused rings and if the wedding band is a bit thick looking, it might not fit so well with the e-ring.
  • Generally if you don't wear them on the same hand, the engagement ring goes on the right and the wedding band goes on the left.
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  • I've never seen this, I have a friend who is getting married in September and is already wearing her wedding band on her right hand. She plans to switch it to her left hand at the wedding. I think that's weird...but after the wedding you can do whatever you want!
  • I haven't heard of this before. But I do know in other cultures it is common to wear it on the right hand ring finger. If your band doesn't go with your e-ring, then why buy it? I would wear them together on the correct hand or just the band and don't wear the e-ring except for special occasions, etc. But I do think it is a matter of personal preference as well.
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  • Like some PPs, I have never seen or heard of this.  And I would have to agree with MissySue20 that I wouldn't buy a wedding band that didn't fit with my engagement ring.  My wedding band was a challenge because my e-ring is a unique design, but we found a curved band that lays pretty flush with the e-ring. 
    I have no idea why anyone would choose to wear a wedding band they dislike.  The band is more important than the e-ring!
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    [QUOTE]I heard that some brides were wearing their wedding bands on their right hand due to either not liking or not being able to find a wedding band that goes well with their e-ring.... what are your thoughts on this??
    Posted by walserk[/QUOTE]

    Just because you DD'd this on Attire & Accessories.
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    Yeah I'm new to this... I didn't mean to put it on 2 differnt places and felt this board was more appropriate, sorry! :)
  • FemlinFemlin member
    I've never heard of wearing your wedding band on your right hand.  If I were to see a ring on the right hand I would assume it was just an especially nice piece of jewelry and that the woman was engaged but not married since she was wearing only her engagement ring on her left hand.

    This is all assuming I was in a situation where I was bored enough to stufy the woman's hands and make assumptions about her.

    At the end of the day, I say wear your rings on your fingers however you want.
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  • Greek orthodox couples are supposed to wear both the engagement and the wedding bands on their right hands.  Personally, I will wear mine on my left hand but the priest will put the band on my right hand during the ceremony and I will keep it there for the remainder of the wedding day.
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  • I haven't seen this either.  I have a friend that wears her e-ring on her right hand (she isn't married yet), but only because she had an accident when she was younger and they had to amputate her left ring finger.
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  • The only person I've met who wear's their rings (both wedding and engagement) on their right ring finger, does it because she's a lefty and it gets in the way of a lot of things she does. She said she wore it on her left for years, but it became too cumbersome having to take them off all the time to do things, so she just wears them on her right.

    But generally, you buy a band that you like and will compliment your engagement ring so you can wear them together.
  • Many of my European friends wear their wedding rings (and engagement rings, for those who have them) on their right hands. That is the standard in many countries.

    In other cultures, moving the band from one hand to the other is what happens at the wedding.

    I would sooner wear my engagement ring on my right hand, and wedding ring on my left, than the reverse though.
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    I wear both my e-ring and wedding band on my right hand. Like the Greek Orthodox, Byzantine Catholics do it that way too.
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  • My MOH (and I will be her MOH) wears her e-ring on her right hand for functionality. She likes it better. And she is right handed. I am left handed and have no issues with wearing my e-ring on my left hand.  So to each their own, i guess.

    Also, to PP I have had multiple women at work and even some at a bar call me out for being engaged since they noticed I was wearing one ring on my left hand. 
  • I completely agree - it's your ring so do what you wish. My e-ring is a three stone princess cut setting with pave set diamonds on both the front and the back of the ring. It has been impossible to find a wedding band that matches my ring as the center stone is substantially larger than the side stones. I do not want to cover up the diamonds on either side so I will be getting a separate wedding band and will alternate the rings.
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