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Another Dance Question

ok i have another dance question....does anyone know of some songs for the father daughter dance? my dad and i have kind of an odd relationship. he deffinatley dont have the daddy/daddys lil girl relationship. hes kind of a ruff ol guy and not affectionate/emotional at all. but i really know he loves me and would kill for me (not to be extreme just to kinda get an idea how he is) he also isnt a dancer really. i feel like the dance would be super awkward but i feel like i should do my fiance wants to dance with his mom. most of the song suggestions ive seen are way to mushy and lovey or too fast and silly. does anyone have any other suggestions?
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Re: Another Dance Question

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    My dad is kinda the same way.  I think he and my sister danced to "Just the way you look tonight."

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    I asked my dad if he had any songs in mind and he picked Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World right away.  I wouldn't have picked that song but when my dad suggested it he started to tear up a little and I realized it was a lot more important to him that I thought it would be.  Ask your dad, you may be surprised!
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    My dad sounds exactly like yours! He grew up on a farm and has always basically done manual labor type jobs so he is a tough guy and doesn't really dance either. I tried to find a song that was fitting- looked at Led Zeppellin "All of My Love" (he likes classic rock) and some others, but ultimately I think I have decided to let him choose it himself. You might be surprised that he may know a song or he will at least find one that he likes that may make all the difference in the way the dance goes. Good luck!
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    My dad and I aren't very "mushy" people either. We decided on Paul Simon's "Father and Daugher."

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    I have the same relationship with my father and spent three hours scouring the Internet for songs. Finally, I came across "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan. It's sweet without being mushy and just perfect.

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    Like PPs said... ask him and he may surprise you! ;-) 
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    I haven't asked my dad yet, but my suggestion for him is going to be "Circle Game" by Joni Mitchell.  We're not typically mushy people, but he introduced me to Joni Mitchell's music when I was a kid, and this was one of the first songs of hers I ever listened to with him.  The lyrics just happen to work for a father-daughter dance (they're I guess technically about a little boy, but it's not specific enough to bother me).  It's a combination of the right vibe in the song and the meaning it holds for us that makes it work.

    I agree, ask your dad if you don't have something specific in mind. Maybe he does.
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    My father and I are going to dance to "let it be" by the beatles, He was out of my life from 6-20, but one of my favorite memories of him when I was young was sitting beside him on the couch watching sesame street and Kermit the Frog singing about the "letter B"
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    "Have I told you lately that I love you" Van Morrison
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    "I loved her first" its very emotional. My dad and I danced to it. My dad picked out the song by himself and did a voiceover to him talking about me and how he loved me. 

    It talks about how he loved you first, I held her first, she has a  place in his heart. 

    Its very touching. 

    Good luck and Best Wishes! 
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