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No one to borrow from...(long, sorry)

Hi all, I know I have plenty of time to think about this but the thought of "something borrowed" ran through my head today and it occurred that I know almost no one that's married. My understanding is that the borrowed item should come from a person who has been married or in a long-term successful relationship that can impart some of their luck/wisdom.

1. Am I completely wrong in that definition? If so, the rest of this post may be irrelevant.

2. Absolutely no one in my family is married, or even in a long-term relationship. That may sound untrue, but many either have never married or have been divorced for some time, including my parents. I have exactly one married friend (a very good friend, who is invited to my Caribbean wedding but may not make it since we already live 800 miles from each other in the States and it's during the school year).

3. I can't help but have a mild sense of panic that I've never been exposed to marriage or even serious relationships as a model for my own. I'm not judging anyone's "serious" vs. "non-serious" reationship but in my immediate and extended family they just don't happen. I will say, FI and I have very open and honest communication which is also something completely foreign so I don't think it's something I need to be concerned about. Am I overthinking that part?

4. I realize this entire tradition is unnecessary but since I am foregoing so many others (church wedding, parent dances, bouquet/garter toss, pretty much everything you don't "need")I thought I could preserve at least this.

Thoughts? Should I just calm down and go find another hobby?
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