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What is the best season to get married?

Re: What is the best season to get married?

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    I think it depends on the person, the religion, the area of the country.  In Pagan tradition, it is not a good idea to start anything between Samhain (Halloween) and Candlemas (February 2--Groundhog Day), because of nature's cycle.  And in some areas of the country, Spring will still have the possibility of snow in the Northeast.  The year I graduated from High School, there was snow in Boston the day before my graduation ceremony on June 3!  In the South, where I live now, it might be tough to have an outdoor ceremony from May to September, due to the heat. 
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    I've always wanted to get married in fall. But then, I don't want to get married at the most popular time of year for weddings, either, and October is creeping up the ladder. I love fall weather in the northeast where I am from and I'll be happy to celebrate my anniversary during that season. But in a practical sense, I live in Southern California and there's no way I'd want to wear a heavy dress in 95+ degree heat in the summer. However, in many areas of the country (US) summer is probably the best weather you'll get - mild temps with less chance of rain.
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    We both wanted to get married in October, but with FI's work schedule we can't do it. So Spring was the second choice!
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    I wanted fall, but we ended up with spring due to life and work commitments. Oh well, my BMs are still wearing eggplant!
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     If we could get married when i really wanted, it'd be spring... maybe like April. 

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    I think it depends on the person and their personality. I am getting married in June because I have always loved the movie 7 Brides for 7 Brothers in which the girls sing a song about June brides being brides all their lives. However, my favorite season is winter and I would love to have a winter wedding if I could have two weddings (except I live in Maine and winter can be a really hard season to plan anything for). No single time of the year is the "perfect" wedding season.
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