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Families in Two States?!

My fiance has his family and friends in Colorado, whereas I have only a few in Colorado but most in Massachusetts. The biggest worry is the grandparents. They all are getting older and cannot travel long distances.  

One way or another, one family will have to travel a long way and spend a lot of money... and I feel terrible about it...

I have no idea what to do about this... but if anyone has been through this as well, I'd LOVE to have some suggestions! Thank you!!! ^_^

Re: Families in Two States?!

  • My Fiance and I live in SC, but most of his family is from NY, where most of my family is in SC. We have friends and family in NY, GA, NC, AL, FL, Peru, Scotland, Spain, and China. We're having the wedding in SC in the town where we live, which just happens to be my hometown. We have both sets of Grands, mine in SC and his in NY. All have various health issues, and will have to travel some distance, but that's what must be done. Some people will be able to come and some won't. We are just now coping with that realization and it does hurt, but ultimately the day of you will not be thinking about it at all! Better to have it where you currently live so you can easily be in communication with your vendors, and so you can plan more easily if you are moving into a new home. Maybe you could honeymoon in one of the two places and try and visit some of the people that couldn't come?

    Also to help those traveling save money on hotels maybe you can ask family and friends to lend their homes just for the weekend. I'm inviting all of my maids to stay at my place and he his the night before the wedding. My local family will be opening their doors to the travelers too! Plus it's a great way for the family to spend some time together before/after the wedding!
  • Dealing with the same thing IA and RI/MA. We decided to have the wedding in MA since that's where we live. My parents were sort of rooting for the destination wedding, that way everyone has to travel. Regardless, there's no real "wrong" decision here do what works best for you and you'll have to accept the fact that most likey everyone will not be able to attend.
  • Wow! Thank you soooo much for all the amazing advice everyone!!! I'm definitely feeling better :)  It's still going to be tought figuring everything out, but it's really nice to learn I'm not alone ^^ 
  • We are having our wedding in the state I am from then having a second reception the following weekend in the grooms state. That wway we can celebrate with all of our family without everyone having to travel and fork out the expense of travel.

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