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Thursday Wedding!

Is anyone having a weekday wedding? Our venue is about 50% off on weekday we picked a thursday evening. not expecting a whole lot of OOT guests so i'm hoping it work out well.


Re: Thursday Wedding!

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    I didn't.  But I have been to one. It was a DW, so everyone was off anyway.

    A Thursday wedding can work.  But most likely some people will have to miss the ceremony because of work.  Or they may have to leave early because of work the next day.

    As long as you do not get upset at the possibility that people can not make it you will be fine.

    And please do not listen to those people who say if it's important to your guests they will be there.  Just because someone can not make it does not mean it's not important to them.  Sometimes people just can not get off work or they have other just as important plans..

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    is friday just as discounted? at least then people can stay late and know that they dont have to get up for work in the morning. i think it can work if almost everyone is local, but dont be surprised if people leave halfway through
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    A Thursday wedding just wouldn't be my thing especially if I was OOT.  I don't want to take off work Thursday, Friday (and maybe Wed. to travel) to attend a wedding.  Or, if I was in-town I probably wouldn't attend because there is no way I could get up for work Friday if I attended a wedding the evening before.

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    I perform weddings every day of the week.  In fact I did one this evening Friday Nov. 27th and did another ceremony a couple of weeks ago on a Tuesday evening at 6 PM.

    Any day works out well - it just depends on your personal preference.

    Best Wishes!
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    i think a thursday wedding will be fine, just as long as you give people enough notice... and you don't mind if everyone can't make it.  the people who are closest to you will probably be there anyway...
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    We're doing a Thursday wedding.  We got a great venue for less than a quarter of the Saturday evening cost.
    Thursday works in our situation because:
     - The vast majority of our guests are locals.  Since the wedding is in the evening, they'll only need to leave work an hour or two early, tops.
     - It fits our budget.
    If you have a bunch of people coming from out of town who might need to take Wednesday evening, Thursday, and Friday off to make it to your wedding, it's probably not a good idea.  Since you aren't, I think it should be fine.
    But if you're REALLY concerned about it, don't do it.  It definitely won't be worth saving 50% on the venue cost if 50% of your friends and family can't make it.
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    We're getting married on a Thursday in the middle of the summer. Most of our guests are out of town, but our bridal party is composed mostly of students and teachers, so they don't mind coming in while school's out. A lot of our out of town guests have indicated that they're making a family vacation out of it. If someone really can't come on a Thursday when we gave them 9 months advance notice, they must have a good enough reason and we're not going to be offended.
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    THANKS everyone. Yes , most of our guest list are locals so I hope it workds out fine. We are saving thousands by doing a thursday evening. However, like many of you said... we will not be offended if some people cannot make it. It's cool to see I'm not the only one having  a weekday wedding.
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    We are doing a Thursday wedding as well, and saving $4,000 by doing so.  As many have said, people with enough notice will be there, and you can't be offended by the ones who don't show!  Your closest family and friends will be there.  We have talked to the people who we consider the most important to be there, and they have ALL said they will make arrangements, wether it be taking Friday off or whatever, and won't be leaving early!
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