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FI choosing his own ring?

I've recently started looking for my FI's wedding band. Is it Ok for him to be present or know what his ring will look like?

Re: FI choosing his own ring?

  • This is a piece of jewelry he will wear for the rest of his life.  If he wants to be involved in picking it out, then he definitely should be:-)   

    We picked out and purchased our rings together.  No surprises for either of us.  

    Also, the rings don't have to match or be made of the same metal.  If he likes yellow gold and you like white gold, then there's nothing wrong with that.  Like I said, you will be wearing these rings for a LONG TIME so you should each get something you absolutely love:-)
  • He should absolutely be involved!  He will wear that for the rest of his life and it needs to be comfortable and "work" for him.
  • I don't see why not...
  • This is the ring he will wear for the rest of his life.  He should be the one picking it out.
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  • My fi completely picked his out, I just paid for it. And the opposite is true for my ring. 
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  • My fiance looked and purchased his own ring.

    I always scratch my head when people say they are buying their husband's ring.  Why?  It's his ring.
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    My fiancé is choosing it and I'm paying for it.

  • We went shopping together and each picked out what we liked.  My FI told me to pick after we narrowed the choices down, but I wanted him to LOVE his ring.  In the end, he picked out of two.  

    As for paying, I don't think it matters who pays for it... after all, once your married, aren't the bills shared.  I paid for our rings, however, I don't see it as that, since he pays the hydro and mortgage.  
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  • I picked out my E ring and FI paid for it. One the other hand, he is making our wedding bands, so, yeah, he's going to be involved in that. He will also be "paying" (it's coming out of our wedding fund, which is mostly his money) because he gets an employee discount on materials.
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  • Definitely! I think he should know what it looks like so that you know he truly loves it and will be happy wearing it forever.

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  • My husband was all manly and 'oh I don't care about jewelry' at first, and I had none of it.

    We went to 5 different stores before he got the idea that he was going to have to pick a ring that HE liked.  The consequence was being drug to more and more jewelry stores :P.  Once he found it, he was so excited about his ring, and to this day I catch him looking proudly at it.

    It's going to be on his hand for the rest of his life, he should pick it out and like it.
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  • We went shopping for my band - found it very quickly.  then he decided he's look for his too, and he found one he really really liked so we got that too.  No, it's nothing like my band and it's nothing like I would have picked for him, but it's HIS ring, and he LOOOOVES it.
  • My FI picked his wedding band. We went to the same jeweler that sold him my rings because we had a really great experience. He already had an idea of what he wanted, but I made him try on a few things because gold doesn't feel the same as tungsten, etc. He chose his ring, I paid for it. When it comes in, I'm going to get him to try it on to ensure it fits, then it's going in the lockbox at my mom's alongside my wedding band until the wedding.
  • he asbolutely should pick his out and you yours.  as others said, they dont have to match.
  • After we had decided on my e-ring, we looked at rings for him.   Because he is in sheet metal, he won't wear it when he is working, which is fine with me.  He wanted something that was stainless steel.  I got his a few months later, and he doesn't know about it!
  • Thanks everyone. FI chose his own ring and we ordered from JVL jewelry. The ring was free and only paid $25 for shipping :)
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    [QUOTE]I've recently started looking for my FI's wedding band. Is it Ok for him to be present or know what his ring will look like?
    Posted by Andama08[/QUOTE]

    My fiance chose his too. I wanted him to b/c I want to know he likes it since he's wearing it forever. I wouldn't have wanted to surprise him and then have gotten something he didn't like.
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    [QUOTE]My fi completely picked his out, I just paid for it. . 
    Posted by coopsbaby[/QUOTE]

    Yep. I figured if he was going to be wearing it, he'd better like it.
  • He picked out what he wanted. He had something specific in mind. My rings is plantinum w/diamonds his is black with a satin polished silver stripe in the middle (ceramic something). I loves it and that's what matters. Some people where like omg, black, but he doesn't care because he loves it.
  • FI took ten times longer picking out his ring than I did :-)
  • I picked out my engagement ring and he paid for it. When we went to pick it out, we also looked at rings for him. He tried a few on to get an idea of what he wanted. We're going to go back in the coming months to pick out my wedding band and get his. I'm paying for it. 
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    DH picked out his own ring.  I don't even remember who paid for it.  It didn't really matter....aside from each of us having a small account with our own "fun" money, everything is joint.
  • DH picked out both if his rings.
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  • H picked out his own ring.  Ditto PPs who said it doesn't have to match your ring, either.  My rings are white gold, and H's is yellow gold, as that is what each of us prefers.  When H picked out his ring, we had already combined finances, so we just paid for it out of our joint account.
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