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entrance- ushers?

Are ushers typically called out during the entrance of the reception??  We have the groomsmen and bridesmaids, but I wasn't sure about ushers.  Thanks!

Re: entrance- ushers?

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    Maybe this is just my personal opinion but, I think the ushers should be recognized. In our case, he has 5 really good buds that we wanted to include. I have several good friends also but some are scattered in different states and also, I think having all 10 of your best buds up front with you looks a little silly. That's just ME. So what we are doing is having a MOH and BM, plus his nephew a Jr. GM and his niece a Jr. BM, and having his other 4 good friends be ushers. This way all the VIPs have a "job" to do and nobody feels left out.
    I plan on recognizing them the same way I would if they were just regular GMs.
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