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Family Drama!

Im hoping for some help here. I spoke with my mom a few months ago and explained why I was thinking of not having my dad walk me down the isle. I have a relationship with my dad, its just had a lot of downs and not a lot of ups. My parents are both addicts and alcoholics which made for a lot of let downs growing up. They both still drink and use even though they tell me every time I call that they are sober. My younger sister is the one that tells me exactly what is going on. When I explained this to my mom she seemed okay with this. However when I spoke with her today she asked when my dad should get his suit and I said I still wasnt sure I was going to have him walk me down, she seemed upset and said that he probably wouldnt come then. After I got off the phone with her, my brother called and said that my mom told huim that if I dont have my dad walk me down the isle none of my family is coming. I would like them there, but Im a little afraid of them causin a scene. Im just geting so sick of all the lying and drama that comes with being in our family.
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