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Are they still Jr Bridesmaids ???

Ok. So here goes, I am not having a traditional wedding party because of some issues that stem from when I first started planning my Wedding.My sister will be my MOH, I know one attendant is fine, Al La Princess . So I dont plan to ask any new Adult Friends to be Bridesmaids, as Ive seen an dealt with that drama.
So here is my true Questions, I have 3 cousins, twins age's 11 an one 12,they are too old  to be Flower Girls,&  they had already been asked to participate in my Wedding as JR Bridesmaids before the issues arose. 
So now I need to know Do I still call them Jr Bridesmaids or something else since there are no Adult Bridesmaids?? I
 need to know how to list them on programs an such?.
 I dont think its appropriate to call them just Bridesmaids though cause of age or for worrying people/vendors would assume there adults.  So What is the right name for them an best way to go about having them listed. Any advice is appreciated. 

Re: Are they still Jr Bridesmaids ???

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    I agree with the others who say to call them bridesmaids and be done with it.

    Can I ask what your concerns with vendors thinking they're adults you have? Why would it matter? Once they see them, they'll know they're kids.
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    If you were having bridesmaids, I think calling them Jr's would be fine. I am having my 10 year old god-daughter as my junior bridesmaid, but I also have bridesmaids.

    Why are you worried about vendors? I wouldn't change anything in my wedding party based on needs of vendors. Ultimately, its your choice, but at the very minimal, you need to stick with what you told them. They could be attendants if they aren't walking down the aisle.
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    Eh, my nieces are pretty thrilled to be jr. bridesmaids (they'll be 10 and 13 at the wedding.) I think it may depend on what expectations they have. I mean, I totally see where some might not want to be called junior (my FI's sisters are bridesmaids and they're 17 and 21 and I would never dream of calling the younger one "junior") But with my nieces it's also a way to have them take part in my day and not feel left out (my two other nieces are flowergirls and my nephew is ring bearer and both their moms are bridesmaids.) OP,  I think you're fine calling them junior bridesmaids if that's what they're expecting and what they want to be. If you feel like calling them bridesmaids instead, I think you're also fine doing that. My sister and I were jr. bridesmaids at my other sister's wedding and totally didn't think anything of it (I was 16 and she was 19.) I think we were both just really excited to be going to a wedding for the first time! 
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    if you are having a MOH, which I beleive you are, they should be junior bridesmaids because of their age, junior just means younger.
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    If your husband to be is going to have more than one attendant, I would call them bridesmaids and groomsmen. If your husband to be will be having a best man only, I would suggest using the title Junior Bridesmaids. They are not too old to be called Junior.
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    I'm having my 13 and 11 year old nieces be my bridesmaids.  I'm calling them bridesmaids.  Mostly cause when I looked for Jr. bridesmaid dresses they were for younger girls.  
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    Thank you for all the advice that was given. It has been helpful to see others points of view. As for the question about vendors I know already there is a price difference for children vs adult. Also I want it to be understood before about the seating of them during the reception because of them needing to be seated with parents an if they are listed as just Bridesmaids it could get mixed up. An on another note  like one reply mentioned the florist may would recommend smaller flowers for them if they knew in advance. I just want it to go smoothly an there to be no questions day of about why there are young girls an no adults if I call them one thing Vs the other. 
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