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sand ceremony

What are you doing? Readings? songs?

what are you using? Vases? frame? 

Where did you get your stuff?
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Re: sand ceremony

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    I went to hobby lobby and got Black & White sand (those are our colors) for like 2 bucks a piece.  Then I bought 2 matching lil bowl lookin things then a bigger one to pour them into.  Cost like .50 cents ea for the small and like 3 bucks for the bigger one.  I found something online to have my pastor read or I might just play music and have us just do it.  10 days for me!  GL!
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    Hobby Lobby - 2 small vases ($1.50 each), 1 large vase ($3), green sand ($2.50), white sand ($1.50).  Total cost: $10.   We aren't accessorizing our vases with any ribbons or designs, but if we did, we have ribbon that we are using for the favors that we got for less than 50 cents per roll that would work well. 

    Song - "When God Made You" (Newsong and Natalie Grant) or "When I Say I Do" (Matthew West).  We haven't decided which one we'll use at the end or which one will be the sand one, but we're having both songs in the wedding.

    In the program - printing Matthew 19:6: So they are no longer two, but one.  Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate. 
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    I'm having a song during our sand ceremony, the only actual singing during the wedding.

    I bougt my main vase at Michaels, the mini vases are actually from my Godmother's things (she passed away in September 2010)

    I have not yet bought my Sand.
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