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Catholic tradition

Hi ladies.....wondering if anyone can shed some light on Catholicism for me. I was married previously and my fiance now is Catholic. I am in the process of convertion and was non-baptized for my first wedding. My ex was baptized Baptist. Anyway, my current church is telling me that I have to get an annulment before my fiance and I can get married in the Catholic church. Well, I am distraut bc that process apparently takes as long as two years.

Admittedly, our current church is very old fashioned and I'm wondering if there is a such thing as a liberal church/priest that sees things a little more reasonably given the state of society. I was so young the first time around and we've been divorced for 7 years. An annulment would re-open some significant emotnal wounds for both me and my there any way of getting around this????

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