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Is your wedding date sentimental?


Re: Is your wedding date sentimental?

  • Our anniversary is 11/11, but I always wanted a June wedding, so we are getting married 6/5/11 because...get ready for it....6+5=11 and the year is 11. LOL!!! And, I thought that date looked "good" written out on paper. I am such a dork!
  •  We went with April 16th, 2011.  The date has no special meaning to us. We did though have our first date in April. Feel kinda bad though we picked the date and then remember that April 15th is tax day, and my poor Mom works in a tax office. She is cool about it though so that was good.
  • Ours is, to me. 

    My grandmother and grandfather (who is now deceased) were married on June 26th, which was my Grandmothers birthday.  I was then born on their anniversary and my Grandmother's birthday. 

    Our date is June 25th, because the venue wouldn't do a sunday and also, a sunday would be too hard since our officiants and guests mostly all attend church on sundays, both day and night. 

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  • Our wedding date is sentimental to us.  We started dating aug 15, 02. He proposed aug 17, 09. My Birthday is aug, 18 and were getting married on aug 20, 2011. we would have gotten married on our anniversary in 2010 but my cousin got married in september and i didnt want to steal her light so we decided to wait but keep it in the same week.
  • We went with 12-11-10. For starters, I have a legitimate, medically based memory... issue... with some dates, unless there's a strong mnemonic cue, so something of that kind was a requirement. It wasn't us being silly, I really won't remember it unless we do something like that. (I regularly forget what year I was born.) We chose December because my FI decided I needed more "happy" in December (I lost my very dear grandfather two days before Christmas, among other things.)
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    [QUOTE]I didn't keep track of FI's and my sexual events - first kiss, first hookup... we have a blurry "dating anniversary" date since we didn't start dating with a "will you be my girlfriend?", things just sort of evolved.  And that's fine with me.  Dating anniversaries are overrated anyways. In Response to Re: Is your wedding date sentimental? : <strong>DanielleZZ - once you get married to you plan to continue to celebrate your kiss anniversary, dating anniversary, AND wedding anniversary each year?
    </strong>Posted by naomikb[/QUOTE]

    Yes, to me the more things to celebrate the better : )
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  • we picked february 21st because i wanted to marry off season to save money, and neither H or I wanted to sweat having a summer wedding, and everyone now picks the fall to get married (september and october are the new may and june, IMO).  Feb 21 was also the last day before lent started and we couldnt be married during lent (nor would we want to  be).
  • We actually just realized last night that we missed our dating anniversary this year.  In past years (before the wedding) DH would buy me a bouquet of roses, but it was a week ago today and we both totally forgot.  I didn't expect it to happen quite so soon, but I did figure that eventually we'd stop caring about that date.
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  • I picked December 3 2011because it just seemed like a good day!  I wanted a winter/christmas time wedding, but not so close to christmas that it would interfere with other festivities.  It gave us a long engagement so we would have plenty of time to plan and save.  plus it seemed like and easy date to remember :)
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  • We are getting married a year to the day from when the priest "agreed" to marry us. I am Catholic and FI is not, so it was a pretty big day for us!
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    Our wedding date -- July 3 --  will be the fifth anniversary of the day we met/our first date.  FI sent flowers to me on August 3rd with a "Happy Anniversary" note.  He has kept up that tradition, almost every single month since.  But Lord, there is no way I could possibly recall the date we first kissed, had sex or whatever.  He proposed last year on Christmas day, making that a date that's very easy to remember.

    Only 190+ days to go.  Woo hoo!

    ETA:  After we set the date, we learned it will be my uncle and aunt's 56th (or is that 57th?) wedding anniversary.  What fun!
  • At first our date wasn't sentimental, we just knew that we wanted a spring wedding, after we graduated, so we set the date to May 18th, 2012. After talking with my grandma and mom, we figured out that my grandparents were married on the 16th, my mom just re-married on the 17th, I am marrying on the 18th, and my mom and dad married on th 19th. So we thought that was pretty special!
  • We have 11/11/11! It is veterans day and a Friday. And he shouldn't have a hard time remembering it!
  • We are getting married on my Dad's birthday.  We knew we wanted July, but birthdays are a big deal in my family so at first I didn't know if he would want to share the day.  I was thrilled when he said he would be honored, and he couldn't imagine a better birthday present than a son!
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    [QUOTE]I was married on my birthday.
    Posted by 2dBride[/QUOTE]

    2d, that's very cool.  I didn't know that.  Nice, very nice!
  • We are getting married on our 12 year anniversary..4/16/11. 
  • Additionally, I must be a lot like Danielle because FI and I also share the anniversary of us first meeting (7-7-07 and will prob celebrate our engagement day 9-26). To me its not unusual to celebrate these days. My parents to this day, still celebrate the day they met, the day they got engaged, and their wedding anniversary. To me celebrating these events just means we have more times in a year to have an excuse to go out to a great resturant, drink too much wine and laugh without us having calling it our typical weekly date-night. It's just purely fun, romantic and memorable.
    Posted by Brittany&Patrick[/QUOTE]

    I actually love the weirdness. I'm really big into numbers and dates and everything. I remember big dates, our first date, meeting, when we first were offficlally dating (didn't happen right away) and our engagement. Surprisingly, we kinda celebrated our first date this past year, not actually meaning to (we watched a movie that had the same main characters that our first date movie had, totally coincidence).
    And I agree, it gives you more of a chance to celebrate togetherness.
    As for the date, I originally wanted 1-1-11, I loved the numbers and it is exactly between our birthdays (again, I'm a freak for numbers). It didn't work for our churches, and then picked 1-15 which didn't work with the venue, so now it is 1-14-11 which the only things special is that it is a month before valentine's day and it's a the date written like that is a palindrome (same forwards as backwards). I know, weird, but I'm okay with that :-)
  • FI picked our date so as he says he can easily remember it. It just happens to be Veterans Day, and he is a Vet. So when he proposed he said, Will you marry me on 11-11-11. Which is funny because every since the whole 7-7-7, 8-8-8, etc has taken place I secretly thought how cool would that be to get married on one of the magical number dates. However, planning a wedding on a holiday and a "number" date is a little more difficult and expenseLaughing
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