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Male MOH?

So we are just beginning our planning for our May/October 2012 wedding and I'm trying to figure out my half of the bridal party. I plan on my college roommate, my best friend since 4th grade (who is living on the other side of the country and may still be there at the time of the wedding), my good friend from high school, my sister and my FSIL as bridesmaids, who are all females. However, the friend that I am closest to is my best friend from college who is male. My FI loves him too, and i want him in the bridal party and I would like him to be MOH bc I do feel closest to him out of the other wonderful ladies. 
Is it ok to have a male MOH when there are females that I could choose? Would he be allowed to sign the marriage license as a witness, like a normal MOH? 
Also, is there another term to use other than "man of honor" since, really, my FI is the man of honor that day? Something like "friend of honor"? 
Any thoughts and advice would be great! Thank you!
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