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NOT first wedding?

What is the proper "tradition" for a wedding that is not our first? My fiancee and I have both been married before, but none of our weddings have been what we wanted. For us, we want me in a long dress (white maybe?), with flowers and the whole shebang... are we out of line thinking this way? Maybe using our grandchildren to stand up with us? (I have 8 and he has 4)...
We are wanting an outdoor wedding, not huge, but with things neither of us had before...

Thanks for your opinions and thoughts!
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Re: NOT first wedding?

  • Your wedding can be whatever you want it to be.  Things like only first time brides wear white went out the window a couple of decades ago.  Hang out on these boards (esp. Wedding Party, Moms and Maids, Receptions) to get some ideas.
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  • You might also come hang out with us under the Special Topic // Second Weddings.

    You are welcome to join us, it's common to doubt - and then move on to enjoy!
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  • I had the same issue. We are both divorced with kids and as the planning went on our wedding became ours. I'm wearing a regular wedding dress the guys are in tux. We just made sure not to repeat anything from our first weddings. Certain songs are not to be played and no candle ceremony(we both did one at our 1st). It's your wedding let it be whatever you two want it to be.
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    Have a long, white bridal gown and traditional ceremony and reception with all the trimmings, if that's what you want. Invite all those loved ones that are happy for you and want to celebrate your marriage.

    Congratulations on your engagement. 
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    I'm an old fuddy-daddy and I say go for it!
  • Do it your way, we are having a traditional wedding and it's a second marriage for both of us. We are doing it all, complete with with the white dress and formal cake. We are having our grandchildren as flower girls and ring bearers. 
    If you are happy then enjoy this time planning for the wedding you both want, while you plan a life together. Best wishes! :-)
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    No rules against having the wedding of your dreams at any age

    Best wishes on your new marriage!
  • There are actually no etiquette rules that say you have to downsize just because its your second wedding!
  • My FI and I are getting married in 3 weeks and we have both been married once before. Neither of us had a "real" wedding for the first time around and I have 2 amazing children. And we are doing a huge wedding, I'm wearing a beautiful WHITE wedding dress and we are having a ceremony and a great reception, I am so EXCITED to have this wedding, and to be able to include my children in it. If you want the whole typical wedding thing, then go for it! Go all out, include your children and grandchildren, include everyone you love and have an awesome time doing it! Congratulations on your engagement!
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