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cake pulls

Are you doing cake pulls? And who are you choosing to participate? Is it usually only single ladies? Does age matter?
I guess I just don't know much about this tradition but think its fun so I'm considering it.

Re: cake pulls

  • We're not doing it, but isn't it usually just the BMs who participate?
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  • I don't know what this is.. I imagine a tractor pull type of event where a person is smashing cakes. Not likely to happen at my reception, but to each his own.
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  • What is a cake pull?  Never heard of this before.
  • Cake pull def:

    Wedding cake pulls are a wedding tradition begun in the Victorian Era. These small ‘good luck’ charms became a part of the wedding reception celebration and are seeing a revival today.

    In the Victorian Era, brides would collect bracelet charms, considering certain ones to herald ‘good luck’. Sometime during the wedding celebration, each bridal attendant would receive one or more of the pulls..


    Each charm had a specific meaning ~ similar to the flowers included in Victorian nosegays.


    No, I'm not doing a cake pull.

  • My aunt (a former cake baker) gave me these (one for each BM) to have baked into the cake. They each have a charm tied to the end and represent something (luck, love, happiness, etc). They pulled them out around the time that we cut our cake.
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  • For some bakers, so they don't destroy the cake, they'll put the pulls between the cake and a sheet of plastic--it also protects the charms.  Folks are using these for Baby Showers, and other occasions, too.   DD's baby shower is in February, and I'm considering doing this as part of the favors for each of the ladies who attends. 

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  • Wow, I was way off base. That sounds interesting, kind of like finding the baby in the king cake at Mardi Gras.. except these sound like they are flagged for you.
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  • I think it's a cool idea. 
  • We're not doing it, but I like the idea.  You can find the pulls at a lot of different wedding websites. 

    I'm pretty sure it's normally just the bridesmaids who do it though.
  • I am doing the cake pull. Although its traditionally single ladies.  All the weddings I have been to have included all the BMs.  I having all of my BMs participate...that way no one feels left out.
  • I've never actually seen it done at a wedding, I thought it was mainly a bridal shower thing. Most of the showers I've been to have included them, and only one was small enough where even non-bridesmaids could pull some out. 
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