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Another Receiving Line Quesiton:

We are expecting about 160 guests... many of which are my FI's Mom's friends that I've never met before.  It's been a very long time since I've been to or in a wedding that had a receiving line.  I'm not objecting to having one because it would be a surefire way for me to meet and thank everyone without worrying about missing someone at the reception. My FI is from the South and I'm from the North and he had never heard of one before... so I guess my question is, are receiving lines more of a Northerner thing and will all the Southern natives think this is strange?
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Re: Another Receiving Line Quesiton:

  • I'm from the north, and receiving lines are part of a typical wedding, at least in my circle.  I like them because then you absolutely know that you've greeted each guest.  Our son and DIL, who were married in 2006 and our DD and SIL who were married in 2009 both had RLs.

    But I can't help you about knowing if your southern guests will find it odd.  GL
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