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Hi ladies! I was wondering about the rings...

So I wanted to take most of the pictures after the ceremony, but of course, there's always time restraints. FI and I have two Pugs that are like our children and we want to include them in some pictures. I was thinking we might be able to do all of that between the ceremony and reception, but I'm also wondering what we're going to do with the dogs during the ceremony. Also, the location I want the pictures taken is not the ceremony location. So, if we take most of the pictures before the ceremony, can FI and I have our rings on? (I hope nobody gasped...) It's really important to me for us to have our rings on for the pictures and I always notice if the bride and groom don't have them on when I'm looking at pictures.

I was thinking if we could do this, then we could get ready, someone could go pick up our dogs and get them ready (I'm having clothes specially made for, we could take a lot of the pictures with the dogs and just ourselves and the bridal party, and then go to the ceremony, while someone takes the dogs back home.

If we could wear our rings for pictures before the ceremony and then take them off right before and put them back on during the ceremony, is that bad?

Hope it made sense... let me know if it doesn't! Thanks! :)
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