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christening gown from wedding dress

this is probably the wrong board for this, but i'm not sure where it should go.

my sister is getting married next year, and picked up her dress this week. she told her fiancee she would be storing it in one of our mom's extra closets and his response was that's great, but what are you going to do with it after?  so she mentioned making christening gowns for their kids when they have them from the dress.

has anyone here done that?  i have heard of it being done, and know it's something new moms are starting to do, but don't know anyone who has done it.  did you have your dress perserved after the wedding? i know her dress has a very small skirt, very little train, so realistically she wouldn't have as much usuable material as you would think.  also, sis's dress is a lightweight taffeta material, it's not the traditional heavy bridal satin, which i think for making a baby gown might be a good thing.

did you have a friend/relative make them, or did you find a seamstress to do it?  how much did it cost?  i sew, and have made all kinds of things...but never baby clothes.  i'm not really afraid to do it, but i know it will be time consuming. 

how did the gown turn out?  i'd love to see any pics, again, i've never made baby clothes, and the christening gowns i've seen online premade seem wayyyy too ruffle/lacy...not sis's style.

Re: christening gown from wedding dress

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    "I honestly don't know why *you* are worried about it"

    because she called me wanting to know if i would make it.  sis can't sew on a button, and since i've always made or altered whatever she needed, it never crossed her mind that i wouldn't know how.

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    Well, if you don't know how to do something like that, I would just tell her. She will have to enlist the help of a seamstress.

    I have never done this or known anyone who did it, but am interested in doing it possibly for our future children. I did preserve my wedding gown, so it should be possible once that time comes.
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