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Father/Daughter dance

Hi ladies,
Im not sure how to handle the father daughter dance. My parents have been divorced since I was 2 and my step-dad has had an active role in my life since I was 3. I've decided to have both my bio dad and step dad walk me down the aisle, but the problem lies in the traditional father/daughter dance. Who do I dance with first, bio dad or step dad?
Thanks for any help!

Re: Father/Daughter dance

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    Are you set on doing the dance? Maybe you could just make sure to dance with both of them at some point during the night. Trust me, a lot of people don't like watching the parent dances. However, be sure to see about what your FI and his mom want to do. She/they could be fine with skipping it also, but your FMIL may want her moment "to shine." 

    Or, if you are determined to do the parent dances, I guess I would suggest perhaps dancing with your bio dad for the first part of a song, and then have your stepdad step in and finish the song with him. If they get along all right and respect your decision to include them both, I would think they'd understand this. 
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