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I have 2 dads...

How do I do a F-D dance when I have my biological dad and my step dad. Both are fathers to me. I grew with both of them. I am having both walk me down the isle. But I don't know how to do the F-D dance with both of them? And I don't want one feeling less important to me if I dance with one before the other..
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Re: I have 2 dads...

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    Maybe you could pick out two songs and talk to your DJ about the best ways to shorten each one.  Dance with Dad and have it blend in to the next song and have step-dad come out.  It would be similar to cutting in, but since the song would be different, the dances would be separate.

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    Both are good ideas...i was going to say the same things! either don't announce that it's a father daughter dance or just have 2 f-d dances..your dads will appreciate that you thought about it either way you do it.
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    I say skip it...have a first dance and that is all. Dance with them at different times during the night but don't make a "show" of it. Like Betti Page suggested.
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