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Vanity Room-A+++++



I really can’t say enough good things about Kellie and her team.  I had my makeup and hair done with her a total of 3 times and she did 5 other peoples wedding makeup and hair.  Each time she did my makeup and hair it looked the exact same.  She did such an AMAZING job!  She was such a pleasure to work with!  I would recommend her to anyone!







I really can’t say enough good things about Mel and her team.  I haven’t received our wedding photos yet but the bridal portraits are AMAZING!  She was such a pleasure to work with! I would recommend her to anyone!



Time of Your Life DJs



Pete was amazing!  I personally think DJs are obnoxious but Pete was great!   Everything ran perfectly thanks to him!  I would recommend him to anyone!   He worked with us and was always available!



Joseph Flores

All About Me Bride to Be




Joseph was great!  He did the ceremony exactly the way we wanted!  He was there early for the ceremony and he was early for the rehearsal!  Ceremony was PERFECT!  Also he knew we were staying in San Antonio and he hand delivered the marriage license for us so we could get my name changed!



B -

First off I was working with Suzanne as our wedding coordinator.  She quit and no one ever told us until we contacted them.  We had a lot of issues contacting Veronica to make sure everything was set up and to pay for the wedding because we didn’t have the actual price.  We finally demanded a meeting the week before and everything went great.  We were able to drop off all the things we wanted for the wedding and everything got set up for us.  We were able to show up for the rehearsal the night before and everything was set up for us.  The wedding was great.  The contract included 50 cups of coffee but our guest were never offered coffee.  The biggest problems we had came at the end of the night.  Several people were unable to make the wedding so they said they would box up their food for us because we already paid for it.  They were apparently VERY rude to our family and friends and rushed everyone out.  The wedding was suppose to be over at midnight and we did the exit at 11:30.  We had to pick up everything after the wedding and clean up.  They rushed everyone out so fast they didn’t give us the boxed meals and ended up throwing them out.  Our family packed everything up and cleaned everything up and were on the road by 12:15.  I don’t know what the problem was or why they were rushed and the food was thrown out but we are really really upset about how our family was treated after we left the wedding.

While our wedding went great I don’t think we would have booked there had we known how everyone would have been treated when we left.


EDEN’S ECHO (florist)


Erin was amazing to work with!  She was very nice and the flowers looked great.  The only complaint we have is we ordered 8 corsages and 8 boutonnieres and we received 16 boutonnieres instead.  The contract wasn’t specific and didn’t say corsages specifically even though there was a price difference between the corsages and the boutonnieres we actually ordered.  Erin did try to contact us about the problem but she had our home number and not our cell phone numbers.  She did an amazing job on everything else and the only thing I would suggest is make sure the contract is very specific so there is no confusion.





Cake was great!  Problem was she double booked and she told me that the cake would be there by 3.  The cake lady showed up at 5 and the ceremony started at 6.  When I went to put my dress on they were still setting up the cake.  The stress we dealt with was insane.  We tried and Crystal Room staff tried to call her continuously and we never got a call back even though we left several messages.  Wedding started late due to all the stress surrounding the cake and not knowing if it was going to arrive in time.  I really don’t know if there is anyway to fix this situation so it does not happen to yall.



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    Our wedding is at the Crystal room in a few weeks.  Are there any reception or cocktail hour pictures you would be willing to share.  I decided to use their centerpieces and getting nervous about the decor.

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    Crystal Room is very nice, we're considering them for our wedding too. Glad to see this review because it answers a lot of questions. congrats again!
    Just because I love him, I am willing to do whatever it takes to make love last. Just because he loves me, he's willing to do whatever it takes to make love last. Just Because...
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    thanks for the reviews very helpful
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