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cookout instead of reception?

My fiancé and I are getting married on the river next June and instead of have the huge reception we have been discussing having a cookout, but I don’t want to people to look about at our wedding as a “trashy” event… We are having a wedding cake & grooms cake though… Any feed back?!

Re: cookout instead of reception?

  • Sounds fine to me.  I love a good cookout.
  • That depends on how you will exactly do this cookout. One cookout could be trashy and another one can be great.

    Who will be doing this cooking? On what? How will the food be served? Who will do it? What kind of food? How many guests? Will you have tables and chairs? How long will the reception be? Will you have any music?
  • A reception can take whatever form you want, as long as you are treating your guests properly.  If you want your reception to be a cookout, great.
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  • I don't see anything wrong with a cookout. A reception is whatever you want it to be. As long as you aren't asking your guests to supply their own food and whatnot, then it will be fine.
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  • A cook out isn't trashy at all.  You determine the feel of it.  You can make a cook out classy.
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  • Cookouts in the summer have become the new thing!! It's fun & laid back!
  • I'm also just doing a cookout. I have to keep my whole budget really low, so figured that to be the cheapest and easiest way around catering the reception. If there aren't going to be a whole ton of guests it should work out fine.  The only problem that we could find with the plan was that if the grill wasn't large enough we'd have to cook it all in two batches and some people may have to eat a little later than others.  We're hoping that fruit and cheese platters can tide them over though.  
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