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Changing last name in SC

Wanted to know if I could change my last name before the wedding? I know social security would need the papers saying we are married.. Could I do anything now so I can take it off my checklist for later?

Re: Changing last name in SC

  • You need to get your marriage certificate to change your name with social security so you have to wait until after you get married.  And after you change it with SS, you can change it every where else.  
  • I wasn't talking about social security.. I meant like my license and legal name
  • In order to change your name, social security is the FIRST thing you have to change. Can't change your license until you go to the social security office.
  • Yep, SS is the first step, because you need that to change your license, etc. It's really not hard once you're married, though. I took care of my SS, driver's license, bank info, and credit cards within about a week. I was lazy and waited a couple months after the wedding to get started.
  • Oh ok gotcha.. Misunderstood the SS was the first step. Thank you!
  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:36Discussion:dd6bd71c-937e-4e5d-8880-881a5389a5a5Post:d5838c7b-01fb-44c1-aa18-b85d5d85430b">Re:Changing last name in SC</a>:
    [QUOTE]Oh ok gotcha.. Misunderstood the SS was the first step. Thank you!
    Posted by sarahnet0[/QUOTE]

    Why is your RSVP a month and a half before your wedding?
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