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Greek Traditions??

My FI's side of the family is very in touch with their Greek roots - they go to Greek festivals, celebrate Greek Easter, eat Greek food, etc. Does anyone know any Greek traditions? My FI and I want to do something as sort of a "shout out" to the Greek side of the family without having an entirely Greek ceremony and reception. Any ideas?

Re: Greek Traditions??

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    My fiance is 100% Greek and we will be having a pretty Greek wedding lol. That's some really cool info about the almonds! Now I have my favor ideas! Thanks!! We were also contemplating doing a Greek ceremony but outdoors.....has anyone done this?
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    Katiex85 - Greek weddings cannot be preformed outside of the Church by a Greek Priest. The Church is pretty strict on that. But you could see if the preist will come bless the meal at the reception. 
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