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Bridal Shower

Is it absolutely necessary to have a bridal shower? it is seeming like it will just be an added expense that I cannot afford and though other people are supposed to be planning it, I am already putting a lot on my entire bridal parties shoulders. I am getting married in Columbus, OH and I live in New York City. I have two MOH;s and one lives in ST. Louis and the other lives in Delaware. They are planning my bachelorette party in ATL. People are doing soooo much traveling. My FI has a lot of family in Columbus, Detroit and Alabama so I imagine that many of them will not make it. and my family is scattered as well. question is, can i skip bridal shower?

i was thinking maybe a cute brunch with my closest family members in NYC could substitute for that. low key, not a lot of people. and cheap.
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Re: Bridal Shower

  • You're not supposed to have anything to do with your bridal shower.  If someone chooses to throw you one, you have one.  If not, you don't.  It's not required, I had neither a shower nor a bachelorette.
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  • ditto aerin.  You don't plan your own shower.  And if someone offers to throw one, and you don't want it, you have the prerogative of declining the offer.
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  • I wouldn't plan my own shower, if my family or MOH doesn't plan one for me I won't be having one. I do not live in the same city as the wedding will be in so it's hard for me to get there just for one day as well. So I probably won't have either a shower or bachelorette.
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  • Possibly someone from the groom's family or friends will over to hold one in Cbus or one of the other areas where they live. Your bridal party doesn't have to throw a shower for you, anyone except your immediate family can.
  • Not up to you to worry about - and if no else does then problem solved.
  • If they do throw one, maybe it will be where you live or someone else will cover your travel?  You shouldn't have costs.
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