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Sharing a wedding date

Is anyone else getting married on their parents' wedding anniverary? I am actually getting married on my parents' and my aunt and uncle's anniversary because they had a double wedding. The date just worked out with the time of year June 12, 2011. Maybe when we have children they may pick it up as a tradition.

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  • I'm getting married on my FILs wedding anniversary, but I really didn't even know until after the date was picked. I originally chose the date because it's my deceased great grandmother's birthday and I loved her dearly. I wanted to honor her memory by getting married on her birthday-which I later found out is the FILs anniversary, which I must admit bothers me a whole bunch :|
  • No, but if that works for you.  Are there other family members willing to keep up this "tradition"?  It could get interesting.
  • Nah. My parents are divorced. Plus, they (and my grandparents) were married in June, and I didn't want to be a summer bride.

    Future in-laws were married at the end of May, but both FI and I have our birthdays in May. We wanted something different. (My step father's first wedding was actually ON his birthday, but that's another story!)
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  • We're getting married on my grandparents anniversary. It's not a tradition though. Hopefully it's good luck, they've been married for 50+ years.
  • I was going to choose my parents wedding date as well but we needed a few more months to save more money:)
  • I just picked a date that worked with my fi's grad school schedue. However, now I realize that the date is the birthday of our friend who passed away. I feel extremely awkward because we of course are inviting our late friend's family and I don't know how they feel about it. I feel horrible that I didn't remember his birthday until now
  • We are getting married on my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. It wasn't something we planned originally but it worked out. I am excited to share this day with them. :)
  • We are getting married on  my grandparents 60th anniversary weekend and my aunts 16th wedding anniversary also my great aunts that passed away is the same weekend.  It was an after thought but are very happy it is happening the weekend of the anniversary of quite a few of my family members.
  • We're getting married on the anniversary of the day we became exclusive as a couple.  The day we get married we will have been together for 7 years.  Both of our parents are divorced and we didn't want to jinx ourselves.  Both divorces were really ugly.
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  • My fiance and I are getting married on 11/11/11, not only is it the typical "make a wish" moment to the extreme, but it is just something cute we do. Every 11:11 am, or pm we would text eachother and say "time". We've done that practically since we met. And I always tell him that my wish on 11:11 was always that we would spend our lives together. So even though it is on a Friday when I would prefer a Saturday, the date was a no brainer!
  • Ha, jesstevens that's kind of funny. I chose my wedding date because it is our offical anniversary for our 7 years of togetherness. So this June on an almost random Tuesday I'll have a bunch of people celebrating with me.
    The date is more important to me than the day of the week. For the last 5 years I've been saying June 22nd 2010 to anyone who asked when we planned to get married. 5 years ago it was a long way off...but we got engaged last week!
  • We just picked a date because it worked around my school schedule.  But it turns out that it's my FI's aunt and uncle's anniversary which is sort of fun.  I really don't care either way; the date works!
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  • My fiancé and I are getting married on our tenth anniversary. We are very excited!
  • We're not getting married on our parents wedding anniversary, but we're getting married the day we started dating, September 20th. Smile
  • My fiance and I are getting married on the 10th anniversary of when we became exclusive--May 22, 2010. We had joked about the date even years before he officially proposed. I can't think of a better day to sa "I do!"
  • We are getting married on FI's parents anniversary which is also his grandparents and greatgrandparents anniversary, so we will be the fourth generation in a row married on that date!
  • I've always kind of wanted a June wedding and we started dating on April 26th, so when June 26th happened to be a Saturday in 2010, I got my June wedding, but we also got to keep the 26th.
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    We are getting married on May 5th, 2010. We will celebrate 10 years together in April and 5-5-'10 will be our wedding date!
  • I'm getting married on my grandparents' anniversary. I actually didn't know this until months after we set the date. when I found out, I mentioned it to my grandma, and she said she thought it was cool and kinda funny. I wanted to honor them at the reception, but my grandpa won't be there for reasons entirely unto himself.

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  • We're not getting married on someone else's wedding anniversary whom we know....  But we are getting married on our 5 year anniversary!  When I found out it fell on a Saturday in 2010 I had to have that date.  No one could budge me.  hahaha  =)
  • We are getting married on my Grandparents anniversray, it worked out well because we are waiting until I am done with nursing school! I would have been their 58th anniversary!
  • We will be getting married on what would have been my parents' 34th wedding anniversary, in honor of my mother who passed away several years ago. We didn't have a date in mind at first & this date fell on a Saturday, so it worked out for us.
  • We aren't getting married on either parents' anniversary (his parents' is in June and mine was in November), but we are getting married on our second dating anniversary. We will also be sharing the month with my parents - at least until their divorce is final.
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  • May 7, 2011. It will be seven years from the day we met. I always wanted a September wedding but once we were engaged this passed August, I decided that two years was too long to wait and one year wasn't long enough. So, to find an "excuse" to make it sooner, I saw that May 7 was a Saturday which turned out perfectly. Only 493 days more days. haha. 
  • My dad passed away a year and a half ago - just a few months before my sister got married.  She honored him with a special candle and placed a rose next to it as she walked up the aisle.  It was nice but everyone teared up, including her.  I still very much want to honor my dad but in a less direct way (I'm hoping to avoid tears of sadness that day!) so we're getting married on my parents wedding anniversary instead.  It also helps that it happens to be a Tuesday this year which makes planning a wedding in less than three months much much easier... no has told me they're booked that day yet! (and only 55 days to go!)

  • We're getting married exactly 7 years after our first date, May 22, 2010 (the first date was way back in 2003!) Looks like 7's our lucky number!
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    First I'd like to say that my fi and i said we would do this about 5 years ago Waaayy before beyonce and Jay-Z but he and i share the same day of a different month birthday. He's Mar 7 and I October 7, this is our 7th year together and we're 7 months apart so where getting Married February 7th 2010. we going to incorporate the number 7 in our wedding...

  • For me, FI and I made 10 years this December.

    Our wedding date is 10-10-10 and we will have been together for 10 years and 10 months.
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  • We kinda wound up working around his graduation date(having promised my mom that we'd wait until he was done with grad school first), so went from August to January(he graduated in December)...then planned for the 9th, waited too long to actually book our site, and someone else snagged it.  So now we're getting hitched on the 16th, and found out after booking our site and such that the 17th is his parents' anniversary.  I still kinda wish we could have the month to ourselves(October was out from the start, because in addition to my birthday, it contains birthdays for one brother and both my parents, plus their anniversary), but I'm mostly just glad to finally be done waiting and dealing with distance.
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  • We're not getting married on my parents anniversary, however, their date was our "second preference" when initially planning.
    I did ask my parents just to make sure that they'd be "ok" sharing their anniversary and, quite frankly, not getting to celebrate *their* wedding that day.  They said they'd love it if we shared the date!  It worked out that our first preference date was free across the board.
    I think most people should be honored and happy to share a significant date like a wedding. :)  Come  on, there are only 365 (or 366) days in a year; you can't keep one all to yourself forever!
    The one thing we are sharing, however, is that both my parents got and we are getting married the Saturday after Easter - Free Church flowers/decorations! :)

    One creepy anniversary I've heard of was a friend of mine got married on the anniversary of her father's death.  Obviously worked for her!  Perhaps it put a happy spin on an otherwise unhappy time.  I'll never understand that one; I prefer not to tie such polar opposites.  That's just my preference.

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