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***Re: Old School Etiquette: Retread, Trix, Stage, Etc.***

I have done a few things that have gone against etiquette that I didn't know about at the time. I have been fretting over them ever since. Please tell me which of these bother you and how much and/or if there is anything I can do about it now.

1. On my invitations I put "half past four in the evening." I was just meaning evening in the, opposite of morning way and didn't realize this was faux pas. (I will print "half past four in the afternoon" on the programs).

2. I printed the year on the invitation with the date. According to Miss Manners the year doesn't belong because invitations shouldn't be issued early enough that there would be any question.

3. On my STDs and RSVPs our address labels read:
Emily Last & Justin Last
On the actual invitation envelope our names aren't listed at all, just the return address. Would you think we're already married or something because of this?

4. When we were inviting a man with his sig. other, we put the guy first.

5. I know knotties tend to approve of this wholeheartedly, but I'm pretty sure old-school etiquette is totally against this. I put registry info on my wedding website. I was pressured into this by friends and family ("HOW will people know where you're registered!?!?") but I still feel really uncomfortable like I'm asking for gifts, especially because I directed guests to the website for accommodations info, driving directions, map, etc. (as in, this information was not included with the invites, only the wedding website address).

Please advise. I'm asking you guys because you seem to be familiar with the more old-school stuff.
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