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Budget Issues.

OK, Im a stay at home mom so FI and I cant contribute much if any at all to the wedding. So mostly everything is on my Dad and Mom, they are divorced.
Problem #1
My Mom is saying that she can pay for the flowers and maybe a $100 here and there. Well, she wants this cousin and that cousin from her side invited.
Problem #2
FI's parents havent said a word about paying for ANYTHING. We plan on paying for our own honeymoon but my Dad simply cant pay for the wedding and rehersal dinner.
I dont know how to bring it up to his parents, they have a lot on their plate as they have basically raised FI's niece and nephew and are financially responsible for them as well as their 23yr old mother (FSIL). I have another concern but they tend to cut corners on a lot of things, and if they were to host the rehersal dinner Im afraid it wouldnt be as classy as I have in mind. I know that sounds terrible but we have very different taste.
I have thought about doing the wedding run through and then going to a resteraunt to eat, but I DO NOT want to ask everybody to pay for their dinner.
Would a walk through then a cookout at FI's parents home be tasteful? They could do that for around $100.00
So the ? is how do i talk to my mom about contributing more and his  parents doing the rehersal dinner?
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