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Traditional Korean Wedding Gift

A friend and co-worker is getting married this winter in a traditional Korean wedding back home in Korea.  My coworkers and I want to get him and his wife (they had a US wedding last year) and nice gift for the happy couple.  Are there traditional gifts that are given in Korean weddings?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  TIA!

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Re: Traditional Korean Wedding Gift

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    According to my friend, who lived in Korea for about 5 years, and my cousin, who is getting married there in October,  the traditional wedding gift is cash. While she was there, there was a customary $50/person donation/gift that was given at the door of the reception. It was bad form to come to the reception and not pay at the door.

    I know this is deemed tacky in America, but In Korea, it is traditional. The entire wedding reception is put on in order to raise cash for the couple to start out their lives together. This actually happens in quite a few world cultures.
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