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Religious Differences with InLaws

My FI and I are both Christians. However, his parents are Jewish and they raised him Jewish. Our Pastor is marrying us and his Mother was just visiting with us. She raised some concern and told us if the words "Jesus, holy spirit etc" or anything besides the word "God" was mentioned that the FI's Dad and other family would get up and leave the ceremony! We are really at a loss. We want to respect his family's culture, but at the same time we want to stay true to our own beliefs. We talked with our Pastor and we are meeting with him tomorrow to discuss options, if any, he's a very old classic Pastor. His parents have already said they do not want prayer at the rehearsal dinner or reception and we told them that since they are hosting the rehearsal dinner, that we respect their wishes, but as my Christian Mom is hosting our wedding and reception they need to respect that we willl be having a prayer.

I don't want my FI's wedding day to be memories of his family walking out on the most important day of his life. This is a very touchy subject. To top it all off, we live in the southern bible belt in a very small town. Our only option is to have our Pastor marry us, there is no non-denominational churches anywhere. And we both want to have a Christian wedding. Any advice?
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