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interesting things guests can throw/release as we walk away married

I don't know what this tradition is formally called but instead of having the guests blow bubbles or release butterflies or throw rice as we are leaving the ceremony after being married, what are some other good or unique ideas? 

Re: interesting things guests can throw/release as we walk away married

  • Lavendar
  • When you said "throw" for some reason I thought of arrows, like those ones you shoot from a bow & arrow...

    Rose petals, ecofetti, bubbles, noisemakers, doves, butterflies, clapping & cheering...

    I'm not a big fan of throwing small things like rice, birdseed, glitter, etc. because they get stuck in your hair and dress, and it can hurt when it hits you.
  • I think we're going to have guests throw rose petals.

    and for a bit of a laugh, you could have guests throw $1 bills :D
  • Our guests threw rose petals as we came up the aisle - not to sound cheesey, but it was a magical moment!

  • SIL had everyone toss those little helicopters/whirlybirds that fall from maple trees.

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  • sausages.
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  • i really like the idea of different color rose petals..Robyn5298's picture looks beautiful with the petals!
  • Our guest blew bubbles.
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    ditto Trix ; )

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    Funny!  I like it ...
  • Instead of having something thrown, they can wave ribbon wands. This is what I plan on doing for ours.

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  • I like all these ideas, but something I remember seeing recently, a warning about rose petals. If you do use them, do NOT use all yellow ones, otherwise in the pics it looks like people are throwing Pringles :)
    Someone posted a pic of one at a wedding once but I can't remember where it is anymore - -just a word of advice more than anything...

    I really like the lavendar idea, but I guess I never thought about the allergy issue - thanks for the warning there, too!
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  • Or you can opt for nothing and allow your guests to clap and cheer for you!

    Also, check with your church or venue, because oftentimes they have restrictions as to what--if anything--you can throw. My church doesn't allow anything to be thrown due to liability (if someone slips on anything) and having to have someone there to clean it up before the next mass. So definitely check with your venue.

  • My friend used those little sparklers that you light. Obviously people held them up rather than throw them lol! Anyway it was very pretty, but also it was at night, after reception
  • We are using sparklers, because it will be 9:30-10pm when we leave the reception. But if you are having a daytime "exit" you could use these- I think its adorable. Just have these signs, for people to wave. (pictures look awesome too)

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  • Oh!  I love the flag idea!  I had figured we wouldn't have anything of the sort but you've made me rethink that!  Thanks!
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  • how about glitter??

  • I read paper airplanes on another site - I hadn't thought of that either!!  Thanks for all of the above too!! 
  • I recently saw some pictures where they had glo sticks and it didnt look like a rave. Shouldnt be any restriction issues that way.
  • Petals.. It doesnt have to be rose petals tho.

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