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baby attendents

i have a problem... i want my soon to be step daughter to be my flower girl and my best friends son to be a ring bearer... i have a brand new nephew who will be about a year old, and brand new god daughter, and a new 6 month old niece who i would just love nothing more to have in my wedding! my two soon to be nieces are around the same age as my step daughter and therefore would rather them bring up the gifts, so she is the only child, since the other ones are babies i think it sounds ideal, and  i know the two girls wont be offended, but the pain in the ass brother in law and sister in law, who make everyone's lives hell will be... do you think its disrespectful to do it this way? and what can i call the little ones who are standing up?

Re: baby attendents

  • Flower children?  Hehe...

    I think you should make your future daughter a 'maiden of honor' and the children flower girls and ring bearers, it's okay to have more than one of each.
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