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alternative to father-daughter dance

My dad is a self conscious man who is not fond of dancing.  I know he would do the father-daughter dance if I asked him to, but I think he would be too nervous for either of us to enjoy it. 

Does ANYONE have any ideas as to an alternative?  My dad and I are quite close, and I want to have something special for us on my wedding day.

Thanks for your input! :)

Re: alternative to father-daughter dance

  • Maybe you could just set aside some time where you two could "disappear" and have some father-daughter time. Maybe write him a letter telling him what he means to you, and find a private place to give it to or read it to him. I'm not a big fan of those dances myself, as I get very emotional when I think about how amazing my mother and my dad have been to me. For my wedding, there will not be a father daughter dance, but I am making my dad (cheesy, I know) a CD of songs that express how I feel about him and the kind of dad he has been throughout my life (as I said, I get very emotional about this, and saying the things I feel would lead to me being a crying mess), and writing him a letter thanking him for being the kind of man I can always look up to.
    If that isn't something that you think is "your style" or would be something not fitting for you and your father, maybe you could give a short "thank you" speech where you mention how much he means to you, etc.
    I know both of these are very non-traditional, but I know how important it is to have that special moment with your dad, and have it be comfortable for you both.
    Praying for a miracle!
  • I'm having a father-daughter dance but I really don't want to be in front of everyone for a long time just the two of us.  Our DJ is going to ask other father-daughter "couples" to joiin us after the first verse.  Then we can have our dance without being the center of attention for a long period of time.  Would something like that work?  Maybe if you had other people up there from the beginning?
  • We didn't have any parent dances at all, but we were going to have a combined father-daughter & mother-son dance. That way neither of us had to be in the spotlight alone. 
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