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I'm having a hard time finding a father daughter dance song,
 I love Tim Mcgraw - My Little Girl, just don't know if it is an appropriate song. 
 I have been looking for month's now, and I'm not liking the typical song's that are suggested, butter fly kisses, I loved her first, the list that you see every where.



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    I am having a similar issue. My dad is not my biological dad (they "unofficially" adopted me in the last couple of years) so he's not seen me grow up my whole life, but he has known me for some time. I don't know what song would be appropriate.
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    I picked What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.  My parents divorced when I was young, so my dad wasn't around very much when I was growing up so I didn't care to have any of the sappy lovey dovey father daughter songs played.  Wonderful World is one of my all time favorite songs so that's why I picked it.
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    Like a pp said ask your dad what he wants to dance to.  If you both have a movie you love (and fight over) maybe you could do a song from that movie.  I am doing that for the aisle walk.  And it works wonderfully as it still fits our wedding.
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    What about Unforgettable by, Nat King Cole
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