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First, I completely understand that your bridesmaids and groomsmen don't have to be even.

Second, FI is downright insistent that they HAVE to be even.

Currently he has 2 best men, his brother and father, and 4 grooms men. I have a MOH and 2 bridesmaids.

Because we're still a ways out the only people officially included in this list are the best men and my MOH, so everything can be adjusted and no one will get hurt feelings.

I've shown FI pictures of uneven parties, even had friends that they did in their weddings but he's not having it.

I don't want to exclude any of his friends because they are very close childhood friends, but frankly I just don't have that many people i'm close with that I HAVE to have in my wedding just to up my numbers.

Any suggestions for dealing with the situation?

ETA: I moved to Texas from my native Idaho three years ago so most of my close friends are quite far away, thus why i'm having a harder time coming up with maids.
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