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I currently live in Los Angeles but all of my family lives back east in NY (also where the wedding will be).  I'd like to have a traditional bridal shower with my family and close friends but how do I do that without then having to ship all of the gifts back to the west coast?  Ideas please!!

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    Didn't someone post that they returned all the gifts where the shower was held, think for that person the majority of gifts were from Macys. As part of the process they rebought the gifts (can all be done in one transaction) and had them shipped to their home address. At Macy's purchases over $50 are shipped free.  They either did it that way or they took the gifts cards home and rebought everything at home. It would take a little time and effort but is actually a pretty good solution to the problem.
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    [QUOTE]Didn't someone post that they returned all the gifts where the shower was held Posted by skippylouwho[/QUOTE]

    Don't do that. Store hate that. If they can figure it out what you are doing, they may apply a fee.

    If you want an at shower that isn't near your house, I would recommend driving. Or having your parents or someone store them for awhile.

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    How about registering for small items that you could easily carry back on the plane in a suitcase? That or gift cards? The person planning your shower can circulate this information to the guests.
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    I live in AZ and had my shower back home in NY (also where the wedding will be)...Everyone knew the situation, and some gave gift cards, smaller gifts from the registry, or included a picture of the gift in a card (shipped the gift to my AZ home).  I grabbed a suitcase from my parent's house, filled it up with the gifts, and checked it on my flight back.
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    have them shipped to your home and then just have the actual shower and enjoy everyones company!!
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    request gift cards?  you may have a similar problem with wedding gifts too.  You can just store them with someone who lives up there and ship them all together once the big day comes
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    I'm sure your friends and family know your situation, so either put on the invite that gifts should be shipped to your home address or have the host spread the word. But I definitely would not return the gifts and re buy them. That sounds terrible, for you and the store.
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