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blocking out rooms?

What is the tradition?
Am I supposed to include them in my budget?
Do I talk to hotel and get a discounted price and guests pay?
I've heard it both ways. 
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Re: blocking out rooms?

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    There isn't really a tradition; that is, you aren't required to reserve rooms, though it is courteous. The most common way to handle blocks of rooms that I know of (and also what we did) is to reserve a block, and denote in an invitation insert that there is a block of rooms available at a discounted rate at such-and-such hotel. This gives guests the option to stay there, or to find their own lodging if they so choose. You are not at all required to pay for OOTers hotel stays.
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    Traditionally, very few people traveled for weddings, and those that did were hosted by local family.  

    Generally, people call a few hotels in the area and block off some rooms, sometimes at a discounted price.  You give your guests the hotel information.  If they book that hotel, cool.  If they go somewhere else, that's cool too.  

    Unless you are planning to spend a ton of money or have very few out of town guests, it would be impractical to cover everyone's hotel.  If you have the funds, it's a nice gesture to do so for your WP.
  • Awesome! Thanks so much, I'll call tomorrow. 
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  • Just be careful with the room block.  If your guests don't use all of the rooms the hotel might charge you a fee because they lost out on bookings because they held them for you.  One hotel I talked to will do a discount if you ask but it's not a block.  If they run out of space then so be it, but you aren't stuck with any fees...and the rooms may not be together. 

    Make sure you get all the details. 
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