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Rehearsal Dinner & Day-AfterBrunch

Hi All!

I'm trying to get ideas for a great rehearsal dinner and day-after brunch.  Are you girls having a day-after brunch?  If so, are you keeping the flowers/linens the same color scheme as your wedding or doing something totally different?  Same questions for the rehearsal dinner.

We are getting married in a hotel (The Peabody in Memphis).  Since most of our guests are from New York, they are going to stay at the Peabody.  Do you think it's best to have the brunch at the hotel on the rooftop or another venue nearby? 


Re: Rehearsal Dinner & Day-AfterBrunch

  • We did a RD and a day after brunch. The RD was at a local higher end restaurant and it did not have a theme. The day after brunch was at the hotel where my reception was held. I had the hotel use the same color linens as the wedding, but overall, no major theme. It was in a smaller ballroom than my reception.i'm not sure what time of year you are getting married, but definitely have a backup plan for having it indoors. You never know how chilly it will be or if the weather will hold up!


  • My WC just got back to me with a picture of where we're doing our RD, and I LOVE it! We are also going to have a private bar (you can't really see it in the picture, but its under the overhang near the back).

    We're waivering on a the day-after brunch now, were going to do it but might have to leave early for our honeymoon, the TA is having a hard time getting us flights lol

    Here's the RD location:
  • We're debating on whether or not we'll have a post wedding brunch.

    If we do it, though, I plan on keeping the color scheme totally different from that of the wedding. Though I didn't plan my showers, per se, I was very involved in the decor and style decisions, and I really wanted to keep all pre wedding events looking different from the actual wedding. 
  • We did our day after brunch at the hotel where we got married and where everyone was staying.  My MIL wanted different flowers, but I felt it was a waste of my beautiful wedding flowers not to re-use them and that's what we ended up doing.

    We had our RD at a local restaurant where everything was provided.  But a rooftop RD sounds awesome!  I've been to one before and it was really fun.
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