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How do you resolve wedding disagreements with FI?

For the most part, FI and I are on the same page when it comes to our wedding. But for lack of better words he has been to several weddings that were not hosted properly (etiquette wise) and he comes up with really bad ideas sometimes.

How do you and your FI resolve disagreements?
Wedding date July 7, 2012

Re: How do you resolve wedding disagreements with FI?

  • When planning my first wedding, we ran into this a lot. It was mostly due to the same reason you listed. If it's something that's covered in ettiquette books or articles on here, I would read the article or send him the link. There was also a decent ettiquette website (I can't remember what it is!) that I read often and referred to often when trying to explain my position. Or, in some cases, I just referred to weddings that we had been to that did things right. I'd say "remember when we went to X and Y's wedding? I thought ___ was lovely and they really followed the proper ettiquette when doing it. Yes, it may cost more/be more time consuming/or seem different, but I think everyone really enjoyed it and thought it was thoughtful/respectful."


  • We talked about why it was important to each of us, and then it was generally more important to one of us and we compromised.  H didn't have many bad ettiquette ideas, but when he did generally I could explain why it was important not to do that. 
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