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What is your wedding date?

I know most people have tickers, but it's hard to keep up when not on a month board! So when are you all getting married? I feel like my wedding is light years away (which I'm okay with, I like planning slowly), but I know it'll be here before I know it. My friend got engaged around this time last year and her wedding is this September and I feel like I blinked and I'm about to engage in BM duty, so I imagine my own wedding will come that fast. I'm also getting married in September, just 2013. September 28, 2013. 1 year, 2 months, 4 days. It actually doesn't sound that far off at all. The years fly by to me now! I am old!

Re: What is your wedding date?

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    8.10.12- 17 days to go! Since we're having a DW, it's actually less than that because we need to be prepared, packed, and ready for everything by next Friday!


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    August 24th, one month from today!

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    Holy crap! You guys are so close! Do you feel prepared, or is it a harried, race to the finish line? What's been your favorite element to planning so far? I'm selfishly, super excited to have some weddings from this board happening so soon! It'll be really cool to see how your weddings come together!
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    I am starting to panic a little bit. Last night I was lying in bed and had to get up to try my dress on. The dress is silk charmeuse and the seam from the dress and the lining make it buckle a little at my hips because the dress was cut on a diagonal and has a small stretch quality to it. So, I am all sorts of upset about the buckling, though it just needs to be ironed. Oddly enough, we don't even own an iron because we dry clean a lot, so I have to go to the store tonight and buy one! LOL Once I come off of the ledge over this, all I have left is my hair touch up, cut, nails, facial, and eyebrow appt! I'd have to say my favorite part was choosing our destination. We had a blast putting together the list and coming up with pros and cons to each. It also made for some interesting conversation for future trips! I will note that my experience with this wedding is VASTLY different than my first marriage. I had to whole fancy, traditional wedding last time and spent a TON more time and money preparing for that. I am such a perfectionist and control freak that I wouldn't even hire a wedding planner. I wanted my personal touch and "thumb print" on everything. I just planned everything in as far in advance as I could so that I could focus on reconfirming the details toward the actual wedding day. Let's just put it this way- I'm taking 1 day off before we leave for our DW, but I took more than a week off prior to my first wedding. The DW thing was FAR less stressful and time consuming, even though I had to deal with vendors in Australia!


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    It's weird I felt like I was so ahead of the game right up until today. The past week I have been tackling one item off my list a day and seeing it from start to finish, things were going great and I was getting a whole bunch done but then I looked at my list today and realized that I still have so much crap left to do and I couldn't do any of it until extenuating circumstances were met. My to do list currently consists of:

    - finish programs
    - make escort cards
    - finalize the favors
    - finalize the cigar roller
    - Make a sign for the card holder/birdcage
    - make the table numbers
    - Get all the supplies for the afterparty (same venue, just in the cocktail hour space, we are providing all the alcohol and food which means I have to get all the paper products too)
    - Figure out/order food for the bridal party for the day of.

    My favorite part of planning so far would have to of been finidng the venue. I didn't want your typical, hotel ball room, reception center etc. Instead we went with a location that is essentially a gant masnion that is built to hold weddings. Check it out...
    I fell in love with the venue and after that everything else just seemed to fall into place.
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    Aug, 3, 2012- just 9 days away! OP, you're right, it will fly by. My favorite part has been the whole planning process. Its made me reconsider my career in law. Planning this wedding has been so much fun and sooo much less stressful than work. I had a similar timeline as you do and my advice is to make as many decisions as possible early on so that you can chill in the last couple weeks.
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    The vow renewal is almost 2 years away. Looking back at our wedding planning, the moment my H put the deposit down on our venue and surprised me with it is the definitely one of the best ones. We've also enjoyed working on our vows, deciding on the wedding rings design, picking the ceremony music and, for me, finding the dress!
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    Nov. 4, 2012 here! 101 days left!!!
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    Jells - I can't believe how close you're getting!

    Mine was Dec 6th 2011. I can't believe it's been almost 8 months!
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    In Response to <a href=" Theme BoardsForum:361381ea-42c9-44e7-b994-d26049874781Discussion:17c07c4d-adea-434a-9c65-c35ce9491461Post:5f684cde-dea1-4348-9a70-31260d6fe6ce">Re: What is your wedding date?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Jells - I can't believe how close you're getting! Mine was Dec 6th 2011. I can't believe it's been almost 8 months!
    Posted by ElleB87[/QUOTE]

    time totally flew by, didn't it?

    I hope we get there in one piece. This weekend has been one issue after another. I stubbed my big toe and split my toe nail half way down. So, my pedicure won't be great. I also sat down on Friday night and as I sat, my knee made a popping noise and there was instant pain!!!! I'm getting around better now, but i'm obivously concerned if I caused permanent damage. We also took my FI's dinner reception shirt to the dry cleaners and they LOST IT!!!! they promised us that they find things 99% of the time, but we are down to the wire! We went and bought a new shirt just in case, but the old one is nicer :)


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    Sept 22, 2012. Under 2 months and time is flying faster now than it has up to this point! Lol
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    I already had mine. 5.19.12 and it was perfect!
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    11/3/12. Starting to get stressed

    We got married 11/3/12!!

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    I just had mine on 7/28/12. The planning really does fly by! (:
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