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XP Great Etsy Vendor!!!!

Anyone planning on having rhinestones done for anything (shirts, totes, etc) Terry at Rhinestone Wishes is amazing!

I was trying to find someone to do custom lettering. I had decided to surprise FI I wanted Mrs HisLastName panties, and the way I wanted to do this was in rhinestones. I contacted Terry with what I was looking for and within a few hours I had my choice of a couple designs, and it was created and available to be paid, shippped less than 24 hours later!

Great service, great price! You can do custom wording for whatever your needs :)

I TOTALLY recommend you check it out after my experience!!!

Re: XP Great Etsy Vendor!!!!

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    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing, I'm thinking getting a pair made and  suprising my hubby with it on our wedding night.
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