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Am I wrong for having a "LUXURY" wedding?

I don't know how I am going to follow my sisters 20k wedding. She is getting married 3 months before me. My FI and I got her one of the best NYC planners and mom is getting her photo/video. But she refuses to go big on anything else. 

She is very independent and doesn't want to take any help. She got her dress for $200. The budget for her whole wedding is my flower budget alone. I feel bad, my mom keeps making comments and I know they are true. "What are people going to say?" and so on... I tried to take her to a bridal salon yesterday and she wouldn't even go in. Should I maybe go a bit more simple or am I crazy for even thinking this much about it?

Re: Am I wrong for having a "LUXURY" wedding?

  • When I first skimmed through, I thought that the 20k was the luxury wedding because that is over twice our budget!
    If you want a giant expensive wedding then fine, but your sister is under no obligation to spend thousands more than she wanted to on one day just to appease some of the more gossipy guests. People should spend not only what they can afford, but also whatever they feel comfortable giving out.  No one is going to tell the differene between a $200 dress and a $2000 dollar dress if it looks good on her, but she would have certainly missed that $1800!
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